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Wife Submits

How my wife became my submissive slut wife.


When I meet my wife the first time it was at a conference dinner where she attended with her partner at the time. My first reaction was that she would be any hot-blooded man’s dream, and being a Data Analyst Engineer, I ran her numbers in my mind, starting at her head as she walked in my direction, long blonde hair down to the middle of her back but tried up in a ponytail, makeup done to perfection highlighting her blue eyes and long eye lashers. Inviting lips painted in red high gloss (wet look) lipstick, you know I thinking suck my cock, when she smiled. The dress left men crying in her wake, in white, it was short, close or tight fitting, the neckline plunged to about 1 or 2 inches below her boobs which drew your attention directly to her cleavage. Her boobs were firm, upright and about a D-Cup, she was either a little cold or excite by the attention she was receiving (the later probably) as her nipples were raised and push out slightly from her dress. As we move down, her tummy was flat with a little pussy mound noticeable now and then. Her legs were of a girl that worked out regularly, toned, firm and silky and beautifully supported by 6” high heels.


As she passed by she smiled, probably knowing she had my full attention as I continued my assessment, from the back view, her toned calves were well defined by gym work and the high heel effect. Work up to her ass, the dress was worth the money, clinging to all the right places and providing a beautiful insight into her choice of panties. There were visible panty lines suggested high on the hip whale tail thong (with a possible bow on the whale tail). The dress continued to deliver as it was virtually backless down to the small of her back which further demonstrated she was not wearing a bra. Her rating from me, AAA 10+ and probably out of my selection box.


The next day I was introduced to her, she was engaging and had turned down her sex appeal to a 9 which helped a few of the guys and possibly some of the girls concentrate somewhat.


I didn’t see her again for several months but by chance I ran into her in LA where to my surprise she remembered my name and that I was in data analytics. She asked if I had time for coffee (even if I didn’t, I did) and we did, she was keen to know how analytics could help her company identify gaps so the conversation lasted for some time and also moved to the sharing of some personal information such as partners etc. At the end of the coffee break she was checking her schedule on her cell and I was direct enough to offer her my cell number, which she politely entered into her contacts (never to be use I thought).


Several months later I received a text, 

“Hi its Heidi, coffee?” 

I responded, sure, where, when? 

Sunday at the Malibu Farm Pier 3pm, you live out that way, don’t you?

Yes, 3 pm would be great, look forward to seeing you again.


From that day we connected, got engaged 2 years later and married 6 months after that. We shared many things about our pasts but I tried not to ask much about things like why she was with that looser guy that I meet when we first met. Over the years I did understand that in general most of the guys she had been with just wanted to fuck and that she had become used to that.


About 3 years into our married, we hosted a work dinner evening, (a regular thing that was shared around) and was attended by 26 people (staff and partners) including my boss and his wife. The event was fully catered and had moved from dinner to after dinner drinks and general chat. I was doing the rounds when I notice my wife heading toward a closed off wing of the house and then noticed my boss head that way a minute later. I made sure that the people around me had drinks and were happy and then decided to see what was happening with my wife.


Getting the corridor, the door which was closed but not locked, this area had most of the lights off so that it would not be used, so I was able enter the corridor and lock the door behind me. Working my way down I when past 3 rooms and was very close to the guess bedroom when I heard voices. It was Heidi and my Boss; the siding door was slightly open I could see that bedside light was on. I quietly open the door to about 6-8” as a start and I able to see them standing beside the bed, he was roughly kissing her with one hand on her ass and then I notice the other moving down the front of her panties. From short time I was there she looked to be struggling with him, but when his hand found her pussy she submitted completely.


For what ever reason I watched, as she parted her legs for him as his fingers work deep and hard into her, he pulled her top down and sucked on her boobs while continuing to finger fuck her until it was noticeable that she started to orgasm. I heard him say, that’s it, I knew you wanted it, get on your knees and show me how you suck your husbands’ cock. She dropped to her knees and he undid and dropped his trouser and pants, as directed she took his hard cock in her mouth and started sucking and stroking it. It was obvious that she wasn’t hesitating at all, she was working him hard. He put his hand to the back of her head and said take it all down that mouth can take it, which she did over and over. Then he started to face fuck her pumping into her mouth, her slobber and his pre-cum running down her face and onto the boobs.


Then he said, let’s see how tight that pussy is, I wanted to fuck you since we first met, get on the bed on your knees. As he pushed into her, he said, your too hot to be one man’s fuck, you need to available for more often, would you like that you little slut. I didn’t hear an answer as he was pounded her deep and hard. 


I could tell by her body reactions she had cum at least twice before he pulled out and pushed her on her back where he straddled her ready to cum over her face. Suck the knob and stroke me so cum over your face. Lifting her head, she took his cock in her mouth and stroked, he said, yeah you’ve have done this a allot, you’re a fucking hot fuck. With that he cum all over her face and in her hair.


Just as he was stopped cumming, I turned on the main light, totally exposing the scene. 


I told them both to not say a word, just don’t say a word.


To the boss, I said get off my wife, get dressed get your lovely wife and get the fuck out of my home.


To my wife, as I looked at her cum covered face, you get cleaned up and stay in here until I return.


With that I escorted my boss out to the party, I announced that unfortunately my wife was unwell and that I’d like to call the evening to end. With that everyone departed the caters where on top of their game and left 5 minutes later.


Returning to my wife, I found her in tears. I asked her what the fuck she was thinking by doing that tonight if ever? She explained that she had only come up to the guess bedroom to get something to show one of the other girls and that he had followed her. She said that she told him to stop many times but then she submitted like she used to do and that then became excitement and she lost control of herself.  I said, that was very evident from what I witnesses.


The excuse was actually plausible given her past.


She then said what did you see?  I only told her that I saw him straddle her and cum over her face, I left out how fucking hot I found it watching what had been a fantasy of mine for years.


I told her that everyone had gone and we will further discuss what it all means tomorrow, she slept in the guess bedroom that night.


In the morning I was out cleaning the pool and thinking about how to approach the consequences when she surfaced and came out. She immediately apologised as she sat down and I joined her.


I said, well I can only see a couple of paths for us to take:


1.     You leave

2.     We find a resolution for us both

3.     Or do you have something for me?


She said I don’t want to leave.


Well then what is the resolution? 


I told her that the first thing is that I have already resigned and will now suing him through the business for the breaches of our software licencing that I have been saving for a rainy day, patent breaches and other things, that will get my pay back.


But this is about us, so?   She said nothing.


Let’s talk about what happen, tell me it all. To her credit she told me everything that I witnessed and filled the minutes in before. And I did witness what I thought was her struggling with him until that moment of total submission, so do believe her.


I continued my questions, so once you submitted what did you want from it? 


I guess I want to suck and fuck him and do what he wanted and I did. I asked her, where you excited enough to cum. She said, he made me cum several times, I lost since of what was reality. 


Did you like losing that reality you spoke about? Yes, a little, no I did allot, sorry, I couldn’t help it.


Would you do it again, what if I wanted you to?  She asked, what do you mean? 


I told her that, I had fantasied about her being with another guy and also about what she had done with other guys previously, I now actual want to know, especially after this.


She asked me, were you excited by what you witnessed? Yes, but disappointed how it happened, allot of things are now changing as a result.


So, would you would to watch me with other guys or join in? Probably both, I would want to have total control of you and what happened if it was to.  She said, if that is how we resolve this, I will do anything you ask and nothing you don’t.


Ok, we will see how that works out.


That night she re-enacted the previous night in the guess room with me, she was obviously turned on by doing it, and was very detailed in the events, for example, as I put my hand down her panties, she told me that he was more aggressive with his fingering, he did it deeper and with more fingers which made her cum.


Then she got on her knees and sucked my cock, it was different to normal very different, much sluttier than normal which I liked. Then she positioned herself on the bed like he had her, and she said me, now fuck me hard and deep like he did, make me cum like he did. 


Oh, the slut was really coming out now, she was rubbing her clit and I fucked her, she came and then again.


Then I pushed her to on to her back as he did and straddled her, she when to work, I must have been in a better position as she force my cock down her throat before I smashed my cum all over her face, just as he did, but his time the light was already on and I watch her use her fingers to push all the cum into her mouth and swallow it, just like my new submissive slut wife will do from now on.


This blog hopes reach others that are excited by submissive wife’s and also hopes that some may contact us with the possibility of joining us or her as I watch her submit. Contact us